Kovu’s first hunt for real truffles.

Kovu’s First Truffle Hunt:

Kovu first real truffle hunt was at a Truffle Treasures, near Daylesford on the 10th June 2018. We had been training with truffle oil since December and now its time for the real deal. The big question was does truffle train oil smell enough like a really truffle?

Turns out it does!!!!!

We arrived at 1pm and stayed until 5pm. Kovu was happy to work for 1.5 hours before having a 30 minute snooze before heading out again for another 1.5 hours.

Once I let Kovu off lead within the first minute he was telling me there was a truffle under his nose, as he pointed to the first tree. As this was his first real opportunity with real truffle I was just as surprised as the staff were when the first of a cluster of 10 truffles was brought out.

The first place Kovu indicated that there was truffle brought out at least 10 truffles.

Once they were all retrieved we moved on to the next tree he indicated. Almost every 4th tree had truffle and each one he indicated had a strong ripe aroma. We were finding bucket loads, literally and it came to point where we had enough truffle to keep the staff members busy with their cleaning and preparing.

The biggest truffle he found that day was a whopping 715 grams and at a average $2.50/g …..well you do the math, it was pretty impressive. Below is the video and pictures of the big one.

We are heading back to truffle treasures fortnightly during the truffle season. I know he is looking forward to his next session as am I.

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