Truffle Hunting Sunday 24th June.

Today Kovu got to visit two farms.

The first farm, in Malmsbury, is new to truffles and hasn’t had truffles yet but we went to check and see if there was anything there this early in the season. Unfortunately, there weren’t any yet but we are going back to this farm in a month time and I’m hopeful there will be some then. Kovu was very good even in the position of having nothing to find he kept his focus and confidence in his ability to know what he was looking for and didn’t do any false positives. To keep him focused and to prevent him from getting downhearted I placed some truffle oil hides throughout the farm so he would be able to find those to keep him searching and focused. It worked very well and he found all of the hides and was extremely accurate in his alerting. This made me feel very confident that if there were any truffles there he would have found them. Fingers crossed for when we head back there in a month.

Kovu had a great time at his second farm today and found an abundance of truffles and I got to help harvest some of the truffles too, once the locations were checked by one of the truffle harvesters. Below is a picture of the truffles I got to harvest which was about 4 of the 15 rows we checked.  So if we kept collecting at that rate there would have been about 3 times the pictured amount!!!!! WOW!! Well done Kovu!!

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