July 8th 2018: Rain, Rain and more Rain. Why didn’t I bring gumboots???

Today was very wet but truffles don’t wait for anyone and if they are ready and ripe then we have to be ready to find them.

The rain makes it harder for truffle dogs to find the scent as the scent will be depressed close to the ground, at the source. Less of the scent will be uplifted thus the dog will have to be very close to the scent to be able to pick it up. Therefore, I wasn’t sure how much Kovu would find today. As always I was pleasantly surprised.

He found 2.5 kg of truffle in 2 hours, valued at least $3000. The largest he found today was 256 grams by itself worth at least $300.

All of Kovu’s truffles found today, checked, harvested, cleaned and currently drying. Ready to be sent all over Australia and overseas in the next few days.
Today’s loot with the largest on the scales.
Truffles placed into piles of approximately 250 grams.

Being close to the middle of the season now, some of the truffles he is finding are quite deep. Quite a few he has found were 20cm deep!!! The deeper the source is, the harder it is to find. I was very impressed he was finding them so deep and on a rainy day.

Below is a video of us finding and bring out the 256 gram truffle.


After searching 150 trees which took him 1 hour, we have a break.

Having a break midway through my hunting session. 150 trees done, another 150 tress to go.

After finishing up on the trees, I helped do some harvesting and then cleaning of the truffles.

Doing some cleaning of the truffles Kovu found.

Our next visit to Truffle Treasures is in 2 weeks and I am hoping there will be less rain. Being Melbourne winter who knows what will happen. All I know is that I will definitely not forget my gumboots next time. I was not a fan of squishy wet socks in my boots or the mud all over my face (I don’t even know how it gets there, ha ha).

At least Kovu doesn’t mind the wet. Well done Kovu!!


2 thoughts on “July 8th 2018: Rain, Rain and more Rain. Why didn’t I bring gumboots???

  1. Well done Kovu and Simone! Look forward to seeing you on July 28th. Have lots of extra gumboots in the cupboard Simone so sure a pair will fit if necessary!
    Zoe and John

    1. Hi Zoe and John, Thanks for the heads up, fingers crossed we wont need them. We are very much looking forward to the visit too. See you soon 🙂

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