White truffle hunting (Borchii)

Kovu’s first midweek truffle hunt and also first white truffle hunt was on Wednesday 11th July, 2018.

White truffle also known as Borchii is a truffle type of truffle Kovu’s hasn’t yet been trained on. This farm in Gembrook has mostly white truffle and 2 rows rows of black truffle. The white truffle becomes ripe later than the black Perigord truffle and when we went to this truffiere we could see the white truffle peaking up from the ground. However, they had no scent as of yet. Kovu will only alert to ripe or semi ripe truffle so I was completely fine with him not showing us any of these truffles. I am looking forward to taking him back to Gembrook later in the season to see if I can get him confident with finding white truffle the same way he can find the black.

We walked him down the rows of black truffle and he found ripe black truffles for the owner of the farm which was a nice finish to the afternoon.

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