Truffle Training 26th July 2018

This evening I was able to squeeze in a quick truffle training exercise for Kovu before our big weekend of truffle hunting this coming Saturday and Sunday. We are going to two farms one on the Saturday and the other on Sunday. I have tried doing two hunts on one day and although Kovu did have the stamina for both he was definitely getting tired quicker at the second location. So I have decided that one a day is better for him.

In this session, I am using some truffle he found last weekend and have placed it in two containers which I drilled 5mm holes into the lid. This is so I can hide it under ground and under tan bark so I can be more certain of its location so I can reward his accuracy.

I left Kovu in the car so he couldn’t see where I was hiding it and placed them under tan bark and covered it up.

In this training exercise I want to reinforce accuracy in his alerting and also his understanding of the command “Show” where he shows me a second time while I am starting to dig.

I was very happy with both of these skills as shown by the below video:



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