Truffle Hunting Weekend Away 28th July – 29th July 2018

This weekend Kovu and I were asking to visit a farm who had 500, 8 year old English oak trees. They have never been checked for truffles yet but Zoe and John were hopefully but also thinking realistically sometimes truffles take even longer then 8 years before they start to produce.

I brought a basket along just in case we found any.

Zoe says to me: “Your optimistic, we don’t even know if there are any truffles there”.

My reply: “Nothing like a bit of positive energy and positive thoughts to get things heading in the right direction, maybe I should bring a large wheelie bin instead”

This was a big event for the Kurtz’s as they have been tending these 500 trees for 8 years with the hope of truffle success. They have been mowing, watering, pruning, adding lime every second year and ph testing for 8 years and today was the day to see if all that work was going to pay off!! They had the whole family here for the event, some members having to travel a distance to get to the farm. All in all,  8 people were there but the large group of people doesn’t bother Kovu as he is super focused when it comes to his job.

Kovu recognized the trees all lined up and his was getting super excited. Within the first 10 minutes he was showing us truffles!!!! Maybe I should of brought that wheelie bin!!

I started by showing the family members how to check if there is a ripe truffle or if it is semi ripe to leave it there. Once it was deemed ripe, I showed them how to careful dig it out. I explained how to preserve them and some cooking ideas. Soon they didn’t need any help and were full blown truffle harvesters with the sensitive noses to go with it. Their grandson, who wants to be a chef one day, had a particularly good sense of smell when it came to truffles and was becoming quite apt at determining if the truffle was ready or not.

While I marked the exact spot Kovu thought a truffle was, they were following and checking and if ripe then harvesting. By the end of the day, we had found 2 kg worth of truffle in a farm we weren’t sure even had truffle.

This is a link to their testimonial of their experience:

Below is a video of one of the truffles Kovu showed us. With me marking it and then returning while the family decided if it was ripe and then consequently digging up this lovely large truffle. The very start of the video is where Kovu tells me where it is. He is very fast because he was very certain of the truffle.

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