Getting late in the 2018 season but still finding truffle. Thursday 16th August.

The Thursday just gone by we went to two truffle farms.

Usually I only like to do one farm a day as Kovu works at such a intense pace that I have to make sure he doesn’t tire himself out. But the first farm had only 17 trees and was near Mornington and the second had 500 trees near Woodend so I knew with only 17 trees to check in the morning and a 2 hours drive to the next farm is would be fine as Kovu would sleep in the car.

The first farm had never been checked before and had 17, 8 year old trees. He showed me 3 trees out of the 17 but we couldn’t smell ripe truffle at this time. Due to my regular training with Kovu, I am confident he doesn’t alert to trees that don’t have anything. This late in the season he may pick up rotten truffle or truffle which has disintegrated which I think might be the case in this situation. We marked those trees and next year we have been asked to come back earlier in the season to recheck around end of June 2019.

The second farm is a farm we have already visited. Our first visit was on 28th July, 2018 where we found 2kg of truffle and because it was their first time checking some of it was rotten. We marked the places where Kovu could smell truffle but we couldn’t and they rechecked a week later and found 1kg of ripe truffle none with rot!!

So today’s visit was a double check to see if there was any more truffle which had become ripe. It had been 3 weeks since the last visit and since then unfortunately there had been alot of rain and some parts of the truffiere had become water logged.

Kovu found more ripe truffle which was excellent and to be honest surprising this late in the season but unfortunately a fair bit was rotten due to the high rains.

Our first visit to this farm was late in the season (end of July) so next year we have been asked to provide our services early in the season around early June 2019. This was their first time checking for truffles hence leaving it until later in the season but now that we know there is truffle we will be able to catch them earlier and collect more ripe truffle.

Tomorrow will probably be our last truffle hunt for this 2018 season. We are heading to the truffiere where it all began, back in early June, at Truffle Treasures. I have been told they are still finding truffle but its very deep and harder to find this late in the season.

Fingers crossed Kovu’s nose is up for the challenge.

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