The BEST way to be ready for next years truffles season is to train in the off season.

Today it was time to brush of the dust from the truffle oil, q tips, syringes, red string and of course the ball.

It’s time to do truffle training in the off season.

Keeping your dog keen for truffle hunting and challenging them in the time when you don’t have the stresses of actually having to find truffles is perfect to hone in their skills and increasing their confidence and their abilities to find deeper, smaller truffles.

I hid 5 hides for Kovu today and found all 5 in 5 minutes and 22 seconds (1 minutes per truffle). These were hidden 10 minutes before we started the search and some lightly covered with soil/tan bark.

Have a look to see how I do truffle training and how Kovu went finding them:

There are many ways you can make new challenges for your truffle dog. Next time we hunt I’ll be hiding them 30 minutes before we start, allowing the scent to disperse more. After that I’ll be using older hides so the scent is dampened. I could choose to do the hunt in different weather conditions, different locations, a place with more distractions, hide them deeper.

All these things will add new challenges for your dog so he can find those late in the season, 25 cm deep truffles that the other dogs may miss.

Feel free to email me any questions on how to make the hides more difficult or what to do if you dog is having trouble.

Enjoy the quieter off season.

June 2019 will be at our doorstep before you know it and we will be in our gumboots, ski pants and covered in mud once again wishing for a lower back massage.

Link to where I get my truffle oil from:

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