First Hunt for the 2019 Season: Mitta Mitta Valley

This weekend Kovu had the opportunity to head back to Mitta Mitta to check 300 trees. Last year the trees were 6 years old and we found the first truffle for that truffiere.

Heading back this year and the farm didn’t disappoint we doubled what was found last year. The largest being a 305 gram beauty with perfect aroma and no damage (see below picture). The lucky Mitta Mitta pub is getting this gorgeous truffle to tempt the taste buds of the local residents and tourists who head through there in the next week.

So if you are passing through Mitta Mitta be sure to look at the specials menu for truffle infused meals.

With many trees that Kovu was marking at which I couldn’t smell something yet and a few where I could see the truffle but couldn’t smell it tells me that there is alot more truffle to come.

Well done Kovu.

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