Kovu’s new Apprentice, Peri.

A few weeks ago we went to Double Oaks Estate to start our truffle dog
training course with a 7 month old beagle puppy named, Peri.

Armed with the course work, truffle dog training kit, truffle training oil
and my two truffle dogs, off we went to meet Kovu’s new apprentice.

Peri and her owners are a absolute delight to work with. Peri is so keen to
learn and please her owners and those two characteristics are imperative for a
truffle dog.

Within the first session she was already showing great interest in the
truffle scent and seeking it out for rewards. I could tell from that first
session that Peri is going to be a natural. Peri is currently on paired truffle
oil/reward but after watching some videos sent by Double Oaks, its clear that
she will soon be moving to unpaired scents which is amazing in such a few short

We return to Double oaks in a couple of weeks for session 2. I cant wait to
see how Peri is doing then!!!

Here is two videos of Peri in action courtesy of Double Oaks Estate.



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