1st August Truffle Hunt. Truffle Treasures and Mount Prospect.

Today, Kovu had two excellent hunts.

The morning consisted of hunting at Truffle Treasures. He was so excited and to get started and within the first 2 rows of trees had already found 3 locations of ripe truffle. He found at least 33 ripe truffle locations where I too could smell ripe truffle . He gave the diggers alot of work to do.

The second location we went to was near Daylesford. They had never found truffle before. They had had some truffle dogs go through the truffiere 2 years ago but unfortunately there wasn’t any truffle found.

So today the owners Peter and Nyah weren’t too optimistic that there would be truffle but of course secretly hoping.

So I we asked the expert, Kovu, whether there was truffle and it was a definite YES. Kovu showed us exactly where the truffle was.

As to be expected Peter and Nyah were over the moon to discover that their truffiere was producing and that all their hard work hadn’t been in vain. Look at those smiling faces!!!

One of the biggest kicks out of truffle hunting is finding a farms first truffle and Kovu has done this on numerous occasions now. He is a pro at finding truffles at farms who don’t have much or haven’t had any truffle as he never loses his drive to find them even if there isn’t much to find in those early days of having a truffiere.

Well done Kovu!!!! I am so very proud of you. You deserved every bit of that egg and bacon mac muffin!!!

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