8th August 2021 Getting close to the end of the season but still heaps of truffle to find.

Sunday 8th August we went hunting to two truffle farms.

First farm had 1000 trees to search through and boy did Kovu have the energy for it.

We searched for 3 hours with a forced 15 minute break. I say forced because during the break Kovu has been told to lie down and rest as he just wants to keep going. He stares at me intently waiting for me to give the go ahead to start hunting again. He just loves it so much, he doesn’t realized he also needs to have a break and I need a break.

We found half a kilo of beautifully ripe truffle (see picture below) which was excellent as there have been other dogs through the truffiere recently and its close to the end of the 2021 season. It just goes to show that how important it is to get a second set of nostrils into a the truffiere as each dog can bring different skills into the mix.

Our second hunt was at a farm in Malmsbury. They found their first truffle with Kovu’s help in 2020 and were excited to hopefully find some more this year. Kovu didn’t disappoint. We found 3 ripe truffles, unfortunately one of which had been found by a rabbit. Cheeky rabbits can have quite expensive taste when it comes to truffles.

Owner, Gerard was thrilled to be able to cook up some lovely truffle meals and give some truffle to friends and family.

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