June 2022: Truffle Dog Training/ Assessment

Today Kovu and I went to Truffle Valley in Seville to run a truffle dog assessment for Tessa the black lab whose owner wanted to see where Tessa was at in her training.

We wanted to test frozen truffle as a training aid. So I brought Kovu along to see if Kovu would alert to the frozen truffle. We made sure Kovu couldn’t see where we hid it and the let him off to find it. He found it within 20 seconds, so we were happy that frozen truffle was fine to use. We also did a hunt with truffle training oil (not the edible kind) with Kovu and Tessa. Both dogs excelled in finding both of these hides.

Since it is the start of the season, we ran Kovu over a few rows of trees which Tessa thought there were no truffles and Kovu agreed.

I was extremely impressed by Tessa’s confidence and focus. She is very determine to find the hide and not distracted by my presence in the slightest.

She has been given a pass with flying colours for truffle hides and we will be returning to their farm in the coming weeks with Kovu to hopefully find some real truffle for Tessa to find.

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