Early 2022 Season Truffle Hunting

Kovu and I have been quite busy from mid June truffle hunting at a number of locations around Victoria.

First was truffle treasures which always has a abundant of beautiful truffle for Kovu to find. Then off to Toolleen at a farm who is just beginning to produce truffle. Last year was the first year we went to Toolleen and we found their first decent amount of truffle, a whopping 3kg worth over the course of the season. This year is shaping up to be just as good. With almost 400gram found in one day with many other locations marked by Kovu as having truffle.

When we are hunting, usually Kovu runs along the rows with me but sometimes a perfectly ripe truffle aroma hits him and he cant help but to chase that scent. This happened today where he ran across 4 rows to find the source of that lovely smell. He picked up that ripe truffle scent a good 30m from where it was. Zig zagging across the rows, tail getting more and more excited as he could smell the scent getting stronger and stronger. I could of called him back to continue with the row I was in but if he can smell a ripe truffle from that distance I dont want to distract him. I am quite happy for him to show me that truffle and we can come back to the row we were up to afterwards. Below is a picture of the truffles he ran across 4 rows for and my goodness they smelt amazing.

We will be heading back to Toolleen in a few weeks when their truffle will have ripened even more.

We are also having Sansa the kelpie run along with Kovu getting her to learn from the master. Kovu doesn’t mind having other dogs watch and come along as when he is truffle hunting nothing can distract him.

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