Truffle training in preparation for another potentially wet 2023 season.

I have resumed my truffle dog training with Kovu and Zara to keep them interest in the game in between the seasons and also making the hides a little more difficult. If you have read my previous post about the 2022 season you will know that it was quite wet and that I believe that there is the possibility that these new weather condition could affect a dogs ability to find truffle.

So I am working towards finding out how many layers of wet paper towel it would take for Kovu/Zara to not be able to find the truffle. In doing so I will be really testing their ability to find truffle in not so ideal conditions, wetter soil where the truffle odour will have more trouble escaping into the air.

Today I started with one layer of wet paper towel and watch the video to see the results. How quick will it take Kovu and Zara to find it?

With Kovu’s first search it starts at the 20 second mark in the video and he finds the hide at 34 seconds in. He finds it in 14 seconds! In that 14 seconds I have detected at least 4 different change of behaviours (COB).

These COB are so important to know that your dog is ‘on odour’.

20 seconds: START

23 seconds: 1st COB

26 seconds: 2nd COB

28 seconds: 3rd COB

33 seconds: 4th COB

34 seconds: FOUND

So, you can see to get good at truffle hunting you need to practice, practice, practice to be able to pick up these visual cues which the dog gives you from their scent cues. It is so much fun learning their individual body languages.

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