2023 Season Kicks off at the beautiful Mitta Mitta Valley.

Today we headed up north for our annual truffle hunt in Mitta Mitta, the first hunt of this season. We usually head there in mid-July onwards, so early June was a tad early for this farm. However, I know from prior experience that Kovu can alert to truffles 4 weeks before they are ripe so the farmer get 4 weeks’ worth of hunting in one session. We found this farms’ first truffles back in 2018 and every year since have been finding more and more. This year looks to be a big year. There were many more locations which Kovu was finding unripe truffle. The owner is excited for the prospect of a good harvest this year. Such a beautiful countryside.

This hunt is always a family affair and everyone comes along for the adventure. Kovu loves having a audience to show off too.
Beautiful country side.
Kovu showing me the exact location.
Typical truffle hunting position: nose down arse up 🙂
Amazing aroma!!!
A very happy farmer!! Well done Kovu!!

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