Truffle Dog Training: Luna, Apollo Bay Area

Our second truffle dog in training is named Luna.

Name: Luna

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 2 years old

Reward: Food

Training Session 2: Unpaired Hides. Working on building search stamina and alert/marking technique.

We went through session 2 theory and then out to the truffiere for the practical aspect. First, I marked the locations with Kovu then we got Luna to go towards those areas. She found them under some very challenging windy conditions. She will be working on building her stamina over the season and her owners understanding more about her body language.

There were alot of truffles at this farm which surprised the owners they weren’t expecting so much. We found and dug up there biggest truffle to date. Very exciting times.

Digging up a beautiful truffle.
There biggest ever truffle so far!!
So many more truffles !!!!
What a beautiful place. I love this job!
Treated to a double rainbow the next morning.

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