2nd Summer Truffle Hunt at Korumburra: Will we find more than last time???

It was another lovely day and the weather was perfect for a truffle hunt. Not to cold, not rainy and not too hot. Back down to the summer truffle patch and the first truffle Kovu finds is under a thick carpet of grass. We would never of found this one ourselves and it was 454 grams perfectly ripe with little to no damage. That single truffle pretty much covered our cost of coming out to the the farm for those 2 hours twice over!! Did the dogs find more?

A big YES. In total we found 5.7kg of truffle. Look at Kovu’s face when I pat him for a job well done. Pure and utter doggy bliss!! I love that they love working with me this much I also love the country side in Korumburra, it is so beautiful.

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