Kovu is a 7 year old belgian shepard who is in love with truffle hunting. He works for his toy reward which is usually his favorite ball. As a working breed, he loves to have a job to do and adores being by my side in all things. His little sister Zara, 5 years old, has just started truffle hunting last season in 2022 and I am looking forward to 2023 where she will get her first full season of hunting.

After going through the process of training a truffle dog, I realize that it isn’t a quick process. There are many challenges that you can face. Keeping your dog focused on the task, dealing with distractions, overcoming a period where the dogs loses his confidence, getting more accurate. There can be many human challenges along the way as well and you grow and learn together as a team. With the right help and the right amount of patience you can overcome these challenges. Your dog will love you for the time and effort you put into them and it shows in their drive to work and play with you. Ultimately, to them this is simply an awesome game you have thought up. A game which makes them think and use their amazing sense of smell. For you, the handler, having to learn the tiny subtle changes in your dogs body language which tell you that your dog is onto something, way before they indicate the exact location is so rewarding. It is this aspect that I find most exciting; reading Kovu’s body language and discovering that we have developed our own language to work as a canine/human team.

We are hired out to truffle farms to help them find their ‘black gold’ and we travel all around Victoria. I also offer dog training option, during the off season (September through to March), for people wanting to train a dog for truffle hunting or need help with their current training.

I have a strong passion for dog training and behaviour and I would love to help you on your farm to discover the locations of the fruits of your labor or work with you and your dog to develop a strong truffle hunting team.