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The standard rate for a truffle hunting team is approximately $100/hour (+travel).

Considering the amount of truffle a dog can find in a short time this amount is believed to be a fair amount for the years it takes to train a dog to this level.

In addition, when you have a visit from Kovu you get weeks worth of hunting for just one visit.

The reason for this, is that Kovu will detect truffle which is ripe now and also truffle which is semi ripe. So when Kovu visits your farm you will be able to harvest the ripe truffle which is ready today and the places he indicates which we can’t smell any odor when you revisit in a few weeks time will most likely be ready. An example of this was at Zoe and John’s Farm where he found 2 kilograms of ripe truffle on the day and the other places Kovu indicated which we couldn’t smell anything had ripe truffle just 7 days later where they dug up another kilogram that next weekend.

See the blog: http://caninetruffleht.com.au/2018/07/29/truffle-hunting-weekend-away-28th-july-29th-july-2018/

From experience, Kovu is able to work for 1 hour straight, which is phenomenal for a dog. After this time he will be given a 10 minute break before starting another hour. He doesn’t think he needs a break and will keep working but I have to monitor his work as he will keep working and tire himself out if I don’t give him a forced break. Depending on how many truffles are present he can check around 250 trees per hour. If there aren’t many truffles he can check them faster. As an example, for a farm which had many truffles he checked 150 trees in 1 hour and found literally bucket loads of truffle. For a farm which has less truffle he can check about 450 trees / hour.  This time difference is due to the time he takes to pin point the exact location of the truffle. This is more difficult for dogs when there are many truffles in close vicinity, where dogs have to deal with converging odors, one of the most difficult tasks for a truffle dog.

The best way to get the most out of a truffle dog team is for the staff to accompany us and while I am marking the areas Kovu detects truffle you can be harvesting them if they are deemed to be ready.

The 2018 Truffle Season was Kovu’s first season finding truffles and at his first hunt he found in total about 3 kg worth of truffle the largest 715 grams (we named her “Big Bertha”).

Below is a picture of the truffles Kovu found on his first day and ‘Big Bertha’ before and after cleaning and drying .

Since his first day, we have visited 6 farms in the 2018 season and Kovu found in excess of 11 kg of truffle which is phenomenal for his first season.

I am happy to offer our services to any farms within Victoria who would like us to help find their truffles.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested to know our introductory rates and availability.


If you already have a truffle dog I would still recommend having a different set of nostrils come through. Different dogs work the fields different ways, different dogs are better in different weather conditions, detect truffles to different depths and varying strengths of odors.


If you have a truffle farm and are doing truffle hunting tours and need a dog to help with your hunting tours, Kovu is up for the challenge.

Kovu is a certified Therapy Dog via Alpha Canine Professionals and Delta Therapy dogs, which includes professional indemnity insurance. He visited aged care, hospitals, universities and multiple businesses on a weekly basis and thus is used to large crowds of people (have a look at his Facebook page for his recent therapy adventures at https://www.facebook.com/KovuTheTherapyDog/?ref=bookmarks.)

He is very focused on truffle hunting and to be honest, when truffle hunting in concerned, he might say a very quick hello to the customers but then he will pretty much get to work and ignore any distractions (people, ducks, kangaroos, other dogs etc etc).

In Kovu’s first year of truffle hunting he lead a private truffle hunting tour at a farm at Truffle Treasures near Daylesford.

In 2023, Kovu was running hunts (sometimes more then one per day) at Red Hill Truffle for their Hunting and Dining Experiences. Over the 3 month 2023 truffle season, he ran 18 truffle hunt and dine experiences with between 10 -20 people on each hunt. He absolutely loved the meet and greet before the hunt, then gets busy with his work where he pretty much ignores everyone except me then lastly the post hunt pats are his favourite as everyone is so happy to pat and praise him.

Please email me for rates and availability for truffle hunting tours.


I am happy to assist any truffle growers who need some help, guidance or tips in training their own truffle dogs. I am able to visit you with or without Kovu to demonstrate our truffle training techniques. I will work with you and your dog to formulate a plan to increase your dogs confidence, drive and accuracy in finding truffles.

Please email me for rates and availability for truffle dog training.